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Explore Cambodia and its amazing temples

Have you ever heard of mystical Cambodia? If not it is a big mistake. It is one of the Asian hidden gems and you can visit there the world’s best tourist attraction according to Lonely Planet. Take advantage of cheap 5* airlines Emirates flights and get there from Stockholm for only 3521 SEK. Flights are available from Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Do you know where the best tourist attraction in the world is situated? It is not in Europe, neither North America. It lies hidden in Cambodia. Its name is Angkor Wat. Besides this amazing complex of temples you can also visit amazing beaches at Sihanoukville or great colonial architecture.

For travel tips, I recommend you to get a Lonely Planet guide which serves me usually very well for planning every trip. You can get now 2+1. Check here. For additional tips, follow suggestions of other travellers and visit TripAdvisor webpage here.

Travel dates:

July – December 2017

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Copenhagen – Phnom Penh – Copenhagen

Stockholm – Phnom Penh – Stockholm

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