4283 SEK

Super cheap open jaw tickets to Santiago de Chile

Discover amazing Chile just for 4283 SEK. Alitalia offers amazing open-jaw tickets from Italy. Flights from Milano to Santiago de Chile and back to Mallorca for only 3432 SEK. Connection flights to Milano from Stockholm and from Mallorca to Stockholm start from 851 SEK.

There are a few more exciting countries than Chile. You can enjoy amazing diversity of the country: surfing beaches on the coast, amazing cities like Val Paraiso, the driest place on earth: Desert Atacama, the highest mountain in America (just 172 km from Santiago behind the Argentinian border) or hike in rough mountains of Patagonia.

As a bonus, you can plan one or two days extra and spend them in Milano or Mallorca.

For travel tips, I recommend you to get a Lonely Planet guide which serves me usually very well for planning every trip. You can get now 2+1. Check here. For additional tips, follow suggestions of other travellers and visit TripAdvisor webpage here.

Travel dates:

August – December 2017

Book here and adjust travel dates:

Milano – Santiago de Chile – Mallorca

Stockholm – Milano

Mallorca – Stockholm

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