1406 SEK

Error fare! Return flights from Amsterdam to Cuba, Havanna

Watch out. I have found an amazing error fare. You can get crazy cheap flights to Cuba. The price for a return flight from Amsterdam to Havanna is only 1406 SEK!

In Cuba, you can enjoy amazing beaches with tasty rum in one hand and cigar in another one. The best way to learn about Havanna and the whole history of Cuba is to join a guiding tour. See more information here. You should also not miss a dance in streets with locals. If you like watersports you should had to Trinidad de Cuba.

For more travel tips, I recommend you to get a Lonely Planet guide which serves me usually very well for planning every trip. You can get now 2+1. Check here.

Travel dates:

August 2017 – February 2018

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Amsterdam – Havanna – Amsterdam

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