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Welcome to the website TravelClever.se. The aim of this website is to provide information of budget travelling and share the best travelling deals from the whole Scandinavia for both beginning and experienced travellers. So If you love travelling and exploring the world you’ll feel right at home here. I try to fulfil your travel dreams. You can find here great deals every day as well as useful information for cheap travelling.

About the author

My name is Jarda and I am a graduated business student living in Stockholm who has fallen for travelling. I try to take advantage of each free day I have to explore a new piece of the world and to meet new interesting people. Since last few months, my new passion is TravelClever.se. My another passion is photography. I also started offering photography services. Read more here.

Why did I decide to create this webpage?

During the last 4 years, I managed to visit over 40 countries, primarily thanks to my knowledge of finding cheap flight tickets. I have been asked very often by my friends how I manage to travel so much. This website will be my answer. I would like to share my knowledge and tell about the deals I find to the public so that everyone can benefit from them.

For whom is this webpage?

Rather for travellers than for tourists. This website is aimed primarily for people who expect from travelling a bit more than just lying on a beach in a tourist resort. I want to demonstrate that travelling can be much cheaper compared to “cheap holidays” offered by travel agencies and also much more interesting. Travelling is also about planning, experiences and meeting new people.

What can I find for you?

Below you can see some of the best deals I managed to find:

  • Stockholm – Copenhagen – Stockholm 48 SEK
  • Stockholm – Budapest – Istanbul – Stockholm  595 SEK
  • Stockholm – Vienna – New Delhi – Vienna – Stockholm 2890 SEK
  • Stockholm – New York – Dallas – San Francisco – Stockholm 3900 SEK

I know how to find great deals every day. It is important to react quickly to the deals because the deals which I share can be valid only for a certain time. Sometimes a week, sometimes a day. If it is an error fare, it can be available just for a few hours.

What cannot I find for you?

It is difficult to predict which deal is going to show up tomorrow. I can guess it according to trends and seasonality but I can never know it 100%. I cannot therefore answer questions like:

“When can I get a flight ticket to New York for 2 000 SEK?”
“When is another error fare coming?”

What do I think about other websites offering cheap flights (Momondo, Skyscanner, Flygstolen…)?

Other websites which claim that they find for you the best deals usually offer just a search engine. To be able to find really good deals in the engine experience is needed. I will be offering this experience on my website in regular posts.

What deals do I share?

I share only those deals which I would personally buy. If the deal is interesting enough I share it.


The role of TravelClever.se is to fullfill Scandinavian travellers’ dreams by providing knowledge of budget travelling and sharing the best travelling deals.


To be the the most popular website which gives useful tips for budget travelling and offering cheap flights from the whole Scandinavia.


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