How to find cheap flights not only in Europe

How to find cheap flights

Some people have difficulties finding cheap flights. I have decided to help them and reveal my tips how I find the cheapest flights. I fly from Stockholm back home to the Czech Republic mostly for 17 EUR (=178 SEK) (return flight). Within Europe I hardly ever book a flight which is more expensive than 40 EUR (400 SEK). Reutrn flights to another continent (Asia, US) I usually manage to buy for 400 EUR or less. Would you like to explore the world cheaply as well? There are my travel tips on how you can also make it:

General tips

  • It is important to know the average price to your destination to be able to decide if the price is cheap or not. Here is a short summary for one way flights from Scandinavia: Poland 150 SEK, London, Brussels, Milan 250 SEK, Scandinavia 350 SEK (Helsinki, Olso, Copenhagen), South Europe 500 SEK (Paris, Barcelona, Athens, Rome), Dubai, Istanbul 1000 SEK, USA 4000 SEK, Southeast Asia, China 5000 SEK.
  • Check which airlines fly to your destination and compare prices. You can compare the prices by using Skyscanner, momondo or
  • Don’t focus only on direct flights. Flying with two different companies with a stopover can save you a lot of money. I follow the rule: Focus on the journey, not the destination. I save money and I utilize the stopover to discover a new place. You can search for these trips manually on airlines’ wbesites or use because it is the only search engine which combines flights of different low-cost companies.
  • Don’t focus only on your departure city and your destination. Check also airports nearby. Flying to smaller airports might be much cheaper. I recommend using because it offers a radius search for airports nearby. I give detailed tips to use search engine here.
  • Avoid travelling during holidays.. Especially, flights over summer holidays, Easter and Christmas are very expensive. Avoid flying during national holidays as well. Check your destination’s holidays. Prices can be twice higher during these periods. If you need to fly over Christmas, book your flight latest 17th December and return before New Year’s Eve.
  • Be flexible with travel dates and choose rather flights in the middle of the week (Tuesday-Thursday) than around weekend (Firday-Monday).
  • Book your flight 1-3 months ahead. If you need to travel during holidays book as soon as possible.
  • Travel only with your hand baggage.
  • Before you buy your ticket, erase cookies in your browser. Some companies check your activity and might increase price based on how you behave on their website.
  • Are you below 26 years old? Lucky you. You can benefit from discounted flights with SAS and Norwegian. These discounts are pretty nice. Learn more about the programs here: SAS and Norwegian.
  • And of course follow my every day tips from this website where I post the most interesting deals from Scandinavia

Cheap flights around Europe

  • Learn about low-cost airlines. Why should you fly with overpriced companies? What would you get extra with them? Perhaps a little meal, with SAS maybe a coffee… Many Scandinavian airports are home of low-cost airlines. Not only Norwegian offers great deals but there are even cheaper operators such as Ryanair or Wizzair. Especially with these two companies you can often find fares cheaper than 200 SEK for a return flight. Below you can see a list of low cost airlines operating in Scandinavia:
  • Become a member of Wizzair discount club. This membership enables you to get flight tickets for just 89 SEK one way and you can travel all around Europe. You get discounts also for one extra person who is travelling with you. It costs just 299 SEK a year and it pays off after one return flight in a pair. Read more about here. Check Wizzair destinations here. You can easily combine flights with Ryanair and other low-cost airlines and you can make a trip for instance Stockholm – Warsaw – Barcelona – Budapest – London – Stockholm, altogether below 1000 SEK. F
  • Check last minute flights of charter flights. The best summary of all last minute offers from Scandinavia you can find on Solfaktor here.

 Cheap flights outside Europe

Flying outside of Europe is a bit more complicated. There is just Norwegian which offers low-cost flights. The list of destinations is therefore limited. You can fly to Bangkok, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco with them.

Finding cheap flights with other airlines is more difficult. It depends on actual competition among airline companies and about their promotions. The best way is to check regularly my website where I give tips about promotions and check the flight search engines which compare prices. You can compare the prices by using Skyscanner, momondo or I recommend In the recent time, the most favorable promotions often comes from Turkish Airlines.

Good luck with finding your cheap flights. If you have difficulties I will help you – contact me in the Flight Advisory.

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