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Do you have problem finding a reasonable price for your journey? Let me know here and I will help you. But learn first more about flight search engine

Here you can book the cheapest flight tickets with I selected this flight search engine for my website because unlike others, enables you to use radius search and flexible dates for both departure and arrival. Moreover, is the only search engine which combines flights of low cost airlines. Another great advantage is that if you book here you get the guarantee which ensures you another flight in case you miss a connection. For more tips how to find cheap flight tickets with, scroll down.

Before you start looking for tickets, keep in mind the most important thing: Flexibility makes the flight tickets cheaper. Do you want to travel on an exact day? Are you in hurry and do you need the shortest travel time possible? Or can you fly flexibly anytime during week an can you spend more time on your journey? Both options will generate a completely different price. Let’s check it out. As an example I will use a one way flight from Stockholm to Prague.

Step 1: Certain day

I insert departure Stockholm and destination Prague in the search engine. I select a certain date 16th June. will find for me the cheapest flight for 914 SEK with AirBaltic.
Flight search 1

Step 2: Interval (recommended)

I am not satisfied with the price so I will use the interval searchnig. It works that the longer interval you choose, the bigger chance you have to find cheaper tickets. Let’s say that I can fly also one day earlier or one day later. I select interval from the 15th June to 17th June. will find for me a direct flight for 625 SEK with Czech Airlines. That’s a better price, isn’t it?
Flight search 2

Step 3: Interval (Cheapest)

Let’s lower the price even more. Let’s change the option from recommended to the cheapest and we will get an offer to fly with Ryanair to Prague via Brussels. That generates price 503 SEK. Money saved on the flight ticket can be used to stay overnight in Brussels and you can visit an extra city. If you have an extra day for your holiday it sounds like an interesting option.
Flight search 3

Step 4: Radius search (Prague +250 km)

The last step is to use the radius search. It is possible to adjust both departure and destination. Adjusting Stockholm airport doesn’t help much in this case because other low-cost airports are rather far but adjusting destination Prague generates very nice deals. The most interesting one is to fly to Wroclaw for 112 SEK. We finally managed to find the cheapest flight. Wroclaw is a beautiful city. You can fly here, explore the city during the day and take a comfortable bus to Prague in the evening. The journey takes just four hours and costs around 100 SEK. Altogether saving compared to the first step is over 700 SEK (bus Wroclaw – Prague counted).
Flight search 5: Cheapest flight

General tips for finding the cheapest flight with

  • After searching a trip choose between recommended and cheapest, depending if you are time flexible or not.
  • The longer interval you choose, the more likely you are to find cheaper tickets.
  • The larger radius search you choose the more likely you are to find cheaper tickets.
  • Try to find flights anywhere and anytime to discover the most interesting deals.
  • If you have problems finding a suitable flight somewhere, let us know here and we will help you.

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