Are you interested in my photography work? See a couple of examples of my pictures in the portfolio here. I focus on adventure photography. As an example you can see a biking trip to Atacama desert in Chile and snowshoeing trip in Norway behind the polar circle. Besides that I work for companies (see my event and company photography selection) and enjoy making portraits. I also like experimenting with black and white photography. Please note that these pictures are just examples. I have been photographing in 52 countries all around the world. I can provide more examples of my work upon request. You can also check my instagram account for some more pictures from my trips. 

Adventure trip in Chile: Atacama desert

Winter photography adventure trip in Norway: Lofoten


Event + Company photography

Black and white (+ one colour)

For more examples of my work or if you ahve any questions, please contact me via email or a Facebook message. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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